Linkzone Visit Source

Reddit clone. Social media SPA for sharing links and pictures.

Movie Website Visit Source

Created for helping me with tracking watched movies/tv-shows.

MojeMargo Visit Source

Margonem is a browser-based MMORPG. Using this app, you can search for items from this game and see their statistics. You can compare one item with another and also build whole equipment for your character.

Places to visit Visit

Group work. Website where users can add interesting places to visit in my city.

SnippetShare Visit Source

Again, website where users can share code snippets, but made with Spring MVC.

SnippetShare #2 Visit Source

Website where users can share code snippets. Built because I wanted to learn more about Javascript and see how SPAs work.


Projects that took me days rather than weeks

My latest IMDb activity

Page that lists all of my IMDb ratings. I am using my API and infinite scrolling.

Followed on Twitch

Page that lists all channels that I follow on It is possible thanks to Twitch API.


Application written in JavaFX for managing local database.